The Team

Nadine: The facilitator and founder of Absolute Minds.

"I have owned horses since I was 9 years old, though in love with them as long as I can remember. These amazing creatures have been a integral part of my life's journey and have been there through the good and the hard times. Horses always remind me to be present and grateful for all things life brings to the table. They show me how I am feeling and never lie about their emotions. As a Registered Credentialed Mental Health Nurse,  it has been a dream that has become a reality to move out of a clinical setting and provide therapy to individuals with the support of my horses/ponies."


Socks is our  oldest equine member and only mare. She is the sweetest, gentlest, kind girl. She will listen to your secrets and never tell a soul. She loves to just be truly present with you, ground you and ensure you are "ok".

She loves being groomed and dressed up by our younger (or older) participants and celebrates her looks every time. 


JJ is a delightful personality. He loves engaging in mindfulness and will call you out if you are not being true to yourself. JJ loves a challenge and is keen to please and love you. When he sees you are being true he will follow you like a puppy. He loves a brust and cuddle with a relaxed and calm personality he is often a participants favourite. 


Astro is a super sensitive young boy that loves people and company. He is curious and tries super hard. Once he feels he can trust his person he is happy to have a nap and be loved. Astro like teaching people to be super self aware and honest with themselves so he can give back to you. He has super clear boundaries what he likes and dislikes and will communicate this to you. 


Navara can only be explained as an oversized Labrador- like-horse is completely food orientated and loves to lick. He gets himself a little stressed out if messages are not clear and is learning how to manage himself. He likes to please people and tries so hard (then forgets he is 550kg). 


Mia is our Labrador/poodle mix. She potters around seeking food (Labs!), a brush or two and pats. She however is most likely found sleeping in the sun or her kennel.  Mia had a big surgery in February 2022 and now has a little quieter life. 


Buster is a 5 year old Cavie. He believes that he is on this earth for cuddles and pats. He can be a little timid though once feel safe he will cuddle and love you. 

The Chickens (too many to name)

The chooks are pets and are often under our feet as we groom the horses. They are always in for a chat and sometimes a cuddle. They all have individual personalises that shine.  There are 33 girls  and Mustard the rooster that love to be fed and spend time with participants. 


Our Big boy is only a baby and has been here ince March 2023. He is super playful and loves to snooze with people or play. He is wonderful at supporting people though grounding work and paddock mindfulness.